textcraft - Minecraft and 8-bit style text and logo maker


  • This is Textcraft v1.0


    Textcraft is a graphical text/logo creator webapp. Use it to make Minecraft, 8-bit and other styles of text.

    Want to see a certain type of font or style added?

    Let us know using the contact page.

    Also, check out the FAQ for more details on the app and various other info.

    Thanks to James Watson and Matt King for requesting Minecraft style text.

  • Update History

    1.0 - Initial release. Supported features:
    • multi font styles
    • drop-shadow
    • colored borders
    • 3d-style perspective
    • dual glow styles
    • multi-line text option
    • searchable style database
    • most popular and most recent styles
    • international language and font support
    • touchscreen (iPad/Android tablet) compatible
    • 8-bit (web optimized) or 24-bit depth images
    • alpha channel transparency output
    • fit lines to a max. width option
    • photobucket hosting option
    • preview on backgrounds support
  • Images

    Feel free to use or adapt these (or the header image above) for articles or posts about Textcraft. Right-click and "Save as" to download.