textcraft - Minecraft and 8-bit style text and logo maker

FAQ / General Questions

  • What is this?


    Textcraft is an online application for creating graphical text and text-based logos in a number of different styles.

    To start with, we're offering mostly Minecraft and 8-bit styles, but will add more soon - let us know what you'd like to see using the contact form.

  • Why is it awesome?


    We're glad you asked! :-)

    Here are some features which we think are pretty cool:

    - High quality, fast, easy to use online text and logo creation engine
    - Versatile settings including drop-shadow, colored borders, glow and 3d-style perspective
    - Includes Minecraft and 8-bit style texture and font options as well as general purpose text
    - Generated images use PNG alpha transparency to blend seamlessly into any background
    - Download created images directly or host online
    - Create a free account to save your text style settings or browse and search popular styles
    - Font support for Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese, Korean script and more.
    - Works perfectly on low powered computers - all you need is a web browser and Internet connection
    - Web-app designed as both iPad/Android tablet and desktop/touchscreen compatible - no Flash needed
    - No popups or spammy downloads
    - 100% free to use for the standard edition, small membership payment for Textcraft Pro features

  • Where does the file save to when I press the Download button?


    This depends on how your computer and web browser is setup, but for Windows PCs, files are usually saved in the 'Downloads' folder within 'My Documents'.

    (You might also be able to see downloads by clicking on the Start button and "Recent documents" in Windows)

  • Where can I find out what a particular setting does?


    Check out the guide at the bottom of the main page which explains each setting in more detail.

  • Can I use generated text in my school project, blog, game, app, ads etc.?


    Sure, you're free to do whatever you like with the generated text. This includes commercial usage. If you're going to make something Minecraft related, also have a look at Mojang's brand guidelines.

  • I want to download Minecraft font files, where can I find them?


    Go to our font download page to download the .ttf files we use on the site. You can install these on your computer to use with different applications.

  • How do I copy and paste my text into a photo or picture?


    You can use an online image editor such as Pixlr or Photopea to paste your text into an image.

    In any of the sites, open first your background image (the picture you want to paste the text into), and then your saved image from Textcraft.

    In FotoFlexer, the 2nd image loaded is immediately overlaid on top of your first image, so you can just position your text and save the final image.

    In pixlr (using "advanced mode") and Splashup, you need to use the selection rectangle to first select the area of text you want to copy. You can then use Copy, and switch back to the original image to use Paste and position the text. You can then save the image.

    We have tested these three sites and they work well, but there may be other sites that can do the same thing. We recommended using FotoFlexer for easiest usage.

    iPad/Android tablets

    The websites mentioned above use Flash, so won't be useful on an iPad/iPhone or most versions of Android.

    For iPad or Android, we recommend using the free Pic Collage app by Cardinal Blue. First load a picture ("Add Photos") and set it as the background (double tap on it). You can drag the smaller copy of the background photo to the trash bin in the top-right of the screen.

    Now load your text image after downloading it from Textcraft and use the "Edit Border" option to remove the white border outline. You can position the text any way you like (or add more text), then save or share the final picture.

    Other alternative tablet apps include PhotoForge 2 or Photoshop Touch.

    Desktop/Laptop software

    For desktop/laptop PCs you can also try using image editors such as paint.net or GIMP.

  • Can I make a logo using Textcraft?


    You can use generated text as a logo in itself, or as part of a logo.

    All images have alpha transparency so it's easy to overlay on other graphics in your favourite image editing app - just make sure to download the image file from Textcraft instead of copying and pasting in order to preserve the transparency information.

    For the best quality image, we recommend enabling the "24-bit color" option in Textcraft when creating your text.

  • How does the "Save text style" feature work?


    If you signup for a free account on Textcraft, you can then save the settings you use for making text as a text style.

    A text style contains all of the settings for each line of text (except for "24-bit color" and "fit to width"). A text style does not contain any actual text you might write, so it's just useful for going back and re-using a style that you like, or sharing with others

    When you save a text style on Textcraft, it's added to your profile. You can then see it either on your profile page, or under "Your styles" on the main page.

    You can currently have up to 50 different styles saved. If you would like to delete one of your styles, simply login and go to your profile page, where you can click on the "X" beside a style to delete it.

    Please note that all text styles saved are publicly available by using the Search option on the site or browsing the top styles.

  • I can't login after signing up


    Accounts need to be activated by clicking on a link in an email sent to you at signup.

    Sometimes these emails can get put into spam folders or delayed. If you didn't receive an account activation email after signing up, you can try re-sending the email by logging in to Textcraft and clicking on the "resend email?" link in the login box.

    If you still haven't received the activation email after a further amount of time, you could try signing up using a different email address.

    If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it using the "forgot password" link at the bottom of the login box.

  • How can I change my password


    You can reset your password by using the "forgot password" page here.

    You will be sent a new temporary password. After logging in with this password, you can then change your password.

  • What does the number of hits for a style mean?


    The more people that use a certain text style, the more hits that style will get.

    The top profile list on Textcraft is calculated using the total number of hits they have received for the current month. This is reset at the beginning of each month for the "Popular Pages" list, and also the "most popular" style list on the front page.

  • I want to use accented characters, how can I do that?


    This depends on the specific font that you use. Currently, you can get accented European, Vietnamese, Pinyin and Cyrillic language characters with the "Designosaur" font.

    Accented characters will usually be translated to non-accented when using the other fonts. We plan to add a wider range of fonts soon.

  • Can I use Chinese/Japanese/Greek/Hebrew/Korean/Cyrillic/Arabic/Devanagari text?


    We plan on adding Unicode fonts that support these character sets soon.

    Update: These fonts have now been added. The supporting font should automatically be selected when entering text in the "Your text here" box.

  • What is your connection to Minecraft/Mojang?


    We don't have any connection with Mojang. The Minecraft style text is unofficial fan art and is made possible by graphics and font contributions from the Minecraft community - see the credits on the front page for more details. We also don't have any connection with any other sites/projects also called "Textcraft".

  • Is there a Textcraft iPhone/iPad/Android app?


    We've designed Textcraft to be used as a webapp on a touchscreen web browser. Simply browse to textcraft.net on your mobile or tablet browser - you then have the option of adding it as a home screen shortcut if you like.

    It works great on iPad or Android tablets with a 7" or larger screen, although you can also use it on iPhone/iPod Touch and smaller screen smartphones with some zooming. Textcraft is an online app and needs an Internet connection to work.

    Note: You'll need to use a mobile/tablet browser that isn't set to desktop mode to get the best experience on a touchscreen device.

    Check the status below to see if we have detected your browser correctly:

    Desktop web browser or mobile/tablet browser in desktop mode

    - If you're using a desktop or laptop/netbook, this is the right version of the page.

    - If you're reading this from a phone or tablet, you will need to change the User Agent setting in your web browser to get the best touchscreen compatible version of Textcraft, or exit 'Desktop mode' if you are currently using it.

  • How can I add Textcraft to the apps on my phone/tablet?


    You can add Textcraft to your home screen and then launch it just like any other app. For iPad and iPhone, an instruction bubble should appear at the top or bottom of the viewport when you visit textcraft.net on your iOS device.

    Alternatively, click here to see instructions.

    For Android phones or tablets, first go to textcraft.net on your device.

    Click on the green Android robot icon on the lower left-side of the page for details, or follow the instructions here:

    Bookmark the page by accessing the web browser menu, selecting Bookmarks, and pressing the add bookmark button.

    You can now long press on the Textcraft bookmark and select Add Shortcut to Home to add it to your app icons.

    Note: This works on the default Android browser. For other web browsers such as Dolphin, you may need to install a recent version to get the "Add Shortcut to Home" function.

  • How can I add Textcraft to my Chromebook or Chrome browser?


    You can install Textcraft to your Chromebook or Chrome browser from our Chrome Web Store page.

    If you like Textcraft, giving us a quick review on the web store can really help us to continue developing and improving the site.

  • Do you have an newsletter or email updates I can subscribe to?


    If you Like us on Facebook (button on top-right of front page), we may occasionally post updates there and you'll be able to see them.

  • I have another query or suggestion


    Let us know using the form on the contact page.


    Textcraft Pro

  • What is Textcraft Pro?


    Textcraft Pro is an extension to the standard Textcraft interface. It has 3 larger text sizes and 3 more border sizes, as well as hi-res textures and enhanced glow effects.

    The largest Textcraft Pro text size is over 3x the size of the "Extra" size text.

    There are some other bonus features, the details and sample text are on the Textcraft Pro page.

  • How can I get it?


    First, signup for an account on Textcraft, then after verifying your email address, click on the Textcraft Pro logo on the front page or go here
    (the payment button is at the bottom of the page).

    There is a small membership payment of $3.99 for Textcraft Pro.

    Once this is paid, your Textcraft Pro account is valid for a whole year.

    We will email you at the end of this period to ask if you would like to continue using it (there is no automatic re-billing).

  • Can I cancel if I change my mind?


    If you change your mind or don't like it, contact us using the contact form within 30 days and we will cancel your account and refund the membership payment.

  • I got Textcraft Pro but I still see ads on the front page


    Once you stay logged in to your account, you shouldn't see any ads.

    If you're not logged in currently, some ads may remain on the page after first logging in. Simply refresh the page to get rid of them - you won't see them again unless you logout of your account.