Three new extra large text sizes

Mega text size buttons are available
for all font styles.

Hi-res textures

Large text sizes use new, hi-res textures where available.

These are more detailed versions of the normal textures (excluding solid colors).

Minecraft style textures are scaled up to preserve the pixel-art effect.
Vivid, enhanced glow effects

Glow effects are improved with bigger text sizes.

This looks awesome with text styles where different glowing colors blend with each other along the borders of your text.

Tip: If your text is very colorful, we recommend using the "24-bit color" option for best quality results.

  • Three new larger border sizes
  • "Adjust border size" option changes border size when you change text size:
  • Image details box shows file size and pixel dimensions of generated text:
  • Ad-free interface
  • Extra save style slots (up to 100)
click to view large size

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